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Operantur Ltd is an independent HR company who offer a tailor-made human resource service that can help you and your business with practical, hands-on personnel advice, support and guidance on an ad-hoc basis or on short-term interim projects.

We can work with your existing HR team or we can become your human resources team.

Full Description

Whether your business is new or has been running successfully for some            time there are occasions when you will need HR support. You could be            expanding and recruiting or restructuring and finding it necessary to make            redundancies. Using Operantur Ltd will ensure you follow the correct            processes. Many businesses do not need full-time HR support but having access to good         HR advice can add so much value and bring real benefits to your business. If you have an HR headache, let us remove it and allow you to focus on            growing and running your business. Operantur Ltd has an unrivalled reputation for working with honesty,            passion and integrity throughout the entire HR life cycle for clients, by            following best practise at all times, based on our founding principles-            Quality, Urgency and Integrity. Operantur Ltd is discreet and treats all disclosed HR information with            guaranteed confidentiality. The reason clients trust Operantur Ltd is because          an objective and informed HR view is given, with the third party’s   interest at heart as opposed to the potential gain for Operantur Ltd.  

Size of Organisations Serviced


No. of Full Time Employees


Office Address

70-72 The Havens
Ransomes Europark

Professional Memberships


Telephone Number

+44 01473 722840

Operating Areas

Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, London, Cambridgeshire

Main Sector of Business

Human Resources

Areas of Expertise

Contracts and Policies, Discipline and Grievance, Sickness and Absence, Redundancies, Tribunals, Organisation Restructuring.

Getting To Know You...

There are a number of areas where your HR problems arise and where you may incur costs:

•Employment Rights and Employment Law

Your employees are now better educated in their employee rights than ever before. If you say the wrong thing in a meeting or miss out one step in a complex process then you can leave yourself exposed. A No Win No Fee lawyer will pick up on this and could make your life a (costly) misery.

•Employment Tribunals

The statistics make frightening reading for business owners. There are 250,000 new tribunals every year. That is nearly 1,000 per working day and now the average payout for an unfair dismissal claim is £8,924. You have to add the cost of legal representation to this and factor in the time out of your business to deal with it.

•Small Businesses

Employers of all sizes are expected to comply with the same employment laws. This is fine for BT with a whole HR department and legal advisors to look after their thousands of employees. However if is very unfair and very daunting for a company that is taking on their first member of staff.

Help and Support

Within these areas Operantur Ltd can provide a number of services to take the strain off your own people and minimise your exposure to losses:

•Compliance - getting your paperwork right. This includes your employment contracts and an employee handbook full of policies and procedures. Updates are usually included.

•Advice - advice, guidance and support on what to say and when.

•Legal - help with tribunals, sometimes backed by an insurance indemnity.

Other HR Services

Operantur Ltd is not only useful when things go wrong. There are many staffing and employment related projects that Operantur Ltd can assist you with:

•Appraisals - putting a performance management system in place. This will reward good work, highlight areas for improvement and increase employee retention.

•Training - the right training to keep employees and managers on top of changes.

•Recruitment - help with recruitment processes and induction for new employees.

Choosing Operantur Ltd

When you hire us you’re not just procuring our services, you’re forming a partnership with us. A good working relationship between yourselves and us at Operantur Ltd running your HR account is therefore critical. Here are some points for you to bear in mind:

We will not force you to take a fixed HR package.

•Call Centre
You can call us when you have a HR issue, anytime.

•Support Levels
We will offer you different levels of support for example filling in templates for you or writing bespoke letters etc.

•Contract lengths

You will not know what your business will look like in 5 years time, so we can offer you 1 year, 3-5 years, even 7 years.


We are not a massive corporate HR provider and would suit many SMEs.


Owned by Operantur Ltd.

There are lots of issues for you to consider, but choosing Operantur Ltd will provide all of the support, guidance and advice that you need. We will use employment law to your advantage and free you up to concentrate on running your business.

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