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Genpact is a global leader in business process and technology management, offering a broad portfolio of enterprise G and A and industry-specific services.

Full Description

Genpact is a global leader in business process and technology management, offering a broad portfolio of enterprise G&A and industry-specific services.

Putting process in the forefront—coupling deep process knowledge and insights with focused IT capabilities, targeted analytics and pragmatic reengineering—the Company delivers a comprehensive client solution. Services are seamlessly delivered from a global delivery network to meet a client’s business objectives, cultural and language needs, and cost reduction goals.

Genpact’s roots have been solidly planted in the heritage of the General Electric Company. Beginning in 1997 as a GE Capital business unit in India providing business-process management solutions, Genpact has evolved into an independent service provider with a unique end-to-end approach. While our ability to provide business process management solutions has expanded, it is still our deeply rooted heritage that influences our methods, inspires our services, and keeps us focused on the challenges of tomorrow.

Our heritage has also prepared us to meet the unprecedented challenges facing the global banking and financial services industry. Downsized workforces struggle to meet unparalleled pressures. Declining markets have spawned a need for original products to invigorate falling demand. Overshadowing all is the impact and the importance of new regulation. Uniquely suited to meet these challenges is Genpact’s next generation of process management. This progressive approach transforms business outcomes by providing the right mix of people, process analytics and technology, to help businesses find solid roots in unsettled ground.

Banking Solutions

Retail Banking

From origination to customer service to collections, our retail solutions emphasize standardization by driving operating efficiencies and increasing business process effectiveness. With end-to-end domain expertise in Cards Services, Payments, Lending and Deposits, we deliver significant value to clients.

Commercial Banking

Genpact uses its domain expertise and analytics capabilities to support the entire commercial banking value chain across industries such as Healthcare, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Franchise Finance, Heavy Equipment, Aircraft, and Real Estate. With advanced analytical tools and methodologies as well as Lean Six Sigma rigor in project execution, we deliver insightful analyses in a cost-effective manner.

Investment Banking

Genpact provides investment-banking services that go beyond backroom operations. We use process management to drive such front-end results as revenue generation and profitability. This concentration on process provides the right combination of people, analytics and technology to generate true business outcomes.

Investment Services & Wealth

The securities team provides operational support to clients in all activities ranging from originations and settlements, to customer transfers, reconciliation, research, analysis and reporting. The Genpact team consists of analysts with rich and diverse experience in financial services having professional qualifications in finance and accounting with relevant certifications in the banking and financial services domain.

Mortgage Services

Genpact Mortgage Services combines analytics and IT expertise with process excellence to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Solutions include services to support Sales, Processing, Underwriting, Closing and Funding, Post Close/QC and Servicing.

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Genpact (UK) Limited
3rd Floor,
64 Baker Street,

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+44 (0)207 227 5200

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Business Process Management
Talent Management
Workforce Analytics
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